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Berklee College of Music Masters

09/2018 --- 07/2019

Currently studying Music Production, Technology and Innovation in Berklee College of Music in Valencia Spain. 

Berklee College of Music Undergraduate

05/2015 --- 06/2018

Graduated from the Music Production and Engineering program in Berklee College of Music in Boston, USA. 

London College of Music

09/2014 --- 05/2015

Studied Music Technology in London College of Music from the University of West London. 

London, UK

Musical Coaching

02/2013 --- 06/2014

Studied with a personal music coach for over a year and studied various topics from vocal performance,  guitar and percussion techniques to basic home studio recording and mixing. 

Singapore, Singapore. 

Le CIAM - Ecole de musiques actuelles

09/2011 --- 06/2012

Was a part of the rhythm and blues study ensemble as a vocalist a keys player. 

Bordeaux, France.

Ecole Municipale de Musique 

09/2009 --- 05/2010

Studied Music Theory and Solfege for a year as well as bass guitar

Buc, France

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